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There are many great auto repair facilites here in Logan County. Body Worx does not endorse any one over another. We invite you to contact them if you need their services and help keep your dollars in our area.

Wrecker / Towing Companies

Mechanics / Alignment
  • Short’s Service Center 405-282-7247
  • Hirzel’s Auto 405-282-2323
  • Rick’s Auto 405-202-7028

  • Grid’s Custom Auto Trim 405-282-6238
Windshield/Back Glass Replacement, Chip Repair (For glued-in glass, not moveable)

  • City Glass 405-946-3363
  • A+ Glass 405-377-4588
  • Western Glass 405-340-7974

Any glass that is moveable, such as a door glass, can be ordered by us and replaced by us here at Body Worx.

Any glass that is stationary (must be glued in) we call an outside source to come to Body Worx to do the work. As Body Worx does not specialize in glass, we are unable to obtain the special rates and discounts that glass specialists are given. As such, we are not able to be as competitive with pricing. And, they are a mobile service, so it may be easier for them to come to you for the repair, rather than coming to Body Worx.

Any glass that is sewn in, such as a convertible top back glass, must be done by an upholstery specialist. We apologize for not being able to offer any help for that glass.